Mag. Dipl.-Psych. Rudolf Dörfler

Born 1950

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” - Albert Einstein

Professional Development
Graduated in Psychology (D)
Clinical Psychologist (D)
Client-centered Therapist (D)
Gestalt-Therapy (D, NL, USA)
NLP-Master Practitioner (R. Dilts, UCSC, USA)
NLP-Trainer and Consultancy Certification (R. Dilts, UCSC, USA)
Success Factor Modeling and Coaching (R. Dilts, UCSC, USA)
Diagnosing & Solving Complex Business Problems (P. Senge, J. Sterman, MIT Boston, USA)
Coaching at the Identity Level (R. Dilts, UCSC, USA)
3rd Generation NLP & Sustainable Development (R. Dilts, Metaforum, I)
Creative Leadership and Collective Intelligence (ÖTZNLP, Wien), Robert Dilts
Leadership and Well-Being at Work, (Institut Repère, Paris), Robert Dilts

Main Professional Focus
Measuring Performance
  • Computer and internet based systems for potential evaluation, development and recruiting for management, project leaders, sales, employees and teams (IMDE/CH)
International Management Development Programs
  • Supporting decision making for assessment or promotion
  • Management by Objectives
  • Leadership-Coaching Programs for personal power and leading teams
  • Executive Coaching
  • Talent and Retention Management
Improving Performance
  • Supporting the implementation of Total Quality Management
  • Coaching processes of cultural change
  • Continuous improvement processes
Leadership Excellence and Alignment
  • Board-Coaching
  • Potential Development Programs
Managing Change
  • Change Agents Qualification Programs

Work Experience
D (1973-1979)
Psychologist in different fields of counseling, therapy and training:
Marriage-, family- and student- counseling, team trainings
Guest lecturer (University of Bielefeld)

D (1979-1984)
CEO, Marketing and sales director and managing director of a wine & champagne import/export company

E (1984-1986)
Studies in Hispanistics: Diploma Superior (University of Málaga/Spain)
Psychologist for counseling and coaching at the Clínica Buchinger (Marbella/Spain)
Workshops for cross-cultural cooperation for the international staff and personal-growth workshops for the patients (english/spanish)

A (2004-2015)
Project Manager, Trainer and Coach at Hernstein Institute for Management and Leadership, Vienna

A (since 1986)
Private practice for psychotherapy and coaching in Vienna